Here there is severals dates of the early Wailers's shows from 1963 until 1972, some of the dates are unknown or not exactly, that's why i try to have many informations about this time and have a exactly places and dates of these show .

1963.Montego Bay, Jamaica
1963.Capri Theater, May Pen, Jamaica
1964.Ward Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
1964.Palace Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
1964.Majestic Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica
1964.Jamaica Success Club
1964.Vere John’s Opportunity Hour
1964.Montego bay
1964.Road Show,Downbeat Sound System
1964.All Day Dance Bournemouth, Rockforth
1964.Ward Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica
1964.All champions night, Ward theater
10/04/1965.The Glass Bucket, Kingston, Jamaica
19/04/1965.Ward Theatre,Easter Morning Shindig
19/04/1965.Big Holyday Dance Links Club, St Thomas Road
20/06/1965.Regal Theatre for the "Battle of the Greats"
27/06/1965.Glass Bucket Club Anniversary, Kingston, Jamaica
09/09/1965.Opening for Betty Everett
27/09/1965.All Champions night, Ward Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
xx/12/1965.Ward Theater (Battle Of The Groups Contest), Kingston, Jamaïque
28/12/1965.Blue Mist Club
In the end of 1965, Junior Brathwait left the group to go with his family to Chicago
02/01/1966.Bim Bam Show, National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica
30/01/1966.Bournemouth Club
The Next shows was without Bob who went in Febuary after his mariage with Rita Anderson to USA to join his mother in Willmington
14/05/1966.Guyana Cause, Association, Victoria Avenue, Ormsby Hall
28/07/1966.Brown Jug Club, Ochos Rios
30/07/1966.Motego Club, Motego Bay, Jamaica
31/07/1966.Blue Mist Club
01/08/1966. State Theater
Bob Marley return in October in Jamaica exactly at Greenwich Park Road where Rita lived with here Aunty
13/12/1966.Carib Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica
28/12/1966.Coral Theater, Motego Bay, Jamaica
29/12/1966.Capri Theater
Beverley Kelso left the groupe in 1966 with Cherry Smith,In early 1967 Bunny went to jail for possesing marijuana, 14 months in the Richmond Farm prison
02/01/1967.Regal Theatre
02/06/1968.Big Festival Song, State Theatre
Bunny left prison in September 1968
1969.Psychedelic Shop, Jamaica
1969.Carib Theater
Bob went again in Willmington in Spring of 1969 to work he returned in Jamaica in autumn
1970.Negril, Jamaïque
1970.Skateland, Kingston, Jamaica
1970.The Glass Bucket at Crossroads
1970.The Silver Slipper (Forest Roads)
1970.The Prime Time
28/05/1970.Delmar Theatre, Port Antonio
17/10/1970.Half Way Tree Club
xx/11/1970.Sombrero Night Club, Kingston, Jamaica
24/12/1970.Sombrero Night Club, Kingston, Jamaica
25/12/1970.Christmas Morning,Regal Theatre, Jamaica
25/12/1970.Carib Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
01/01/1971.Reggae Splash Down, Carib Theater, kingston, Jamaica
18/07/1971.Miss Jamaica Water Pageant Festival,National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica
25/07/1971.PNP Campaign, Uknown Place
01/08/1971.Ferry Inn, Uknown place
31/08/1971.Miss Chariot contest,Sombrero Night Club, Kingston, Jamaica
03/10/1971.PNP Campaign, Ward Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
08/10/1971.PNP Campaign,Playmates, Jamaica
09/10/1971.PNP Campaign, Unknown place, Jamaica
13/10/1971.Evening Pop Music, Students Union, Jamaica
14/10/1971.Carder Park, Port Antonio, Jamaica
15/10/1971.Falmoth, Victoria Park, Jamaica
18/10/1971.Jarrett Park, Montego Bay, Jamaica
20/10/1971.Lysson Park, St Thomas, Jamaica
20/10/1971.Watson Taylor Park, Jamaica
21/10/1971.Independence Park, Savanna La Mar, Jamaica
22/10/1971.Independence Park, Black River, Jamaica
23/10/1971.Brooks Park, Mandeville, Jamaica
26/10/1971.Prison Oval, Spanish Town, Jamaica
30/10/1971.PNP Campaign, Uknown place, Jamaica
02/11/1971.Clemards Park, Port Maria Bay, Jamaica
28/11/1971.PNP Campaign, Ward Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
14/12/1971.Ward Theater, Kingston, Jamaica
31.12.1971.Concourse Plaza, New York, NY, USA
1971.Brooklyn, New York City, USA
1971.New York, New York City, USA
1972.Ward Theatre, Kingston, Jamaïque
xx.01.1972.Bronx, New York, NY, USA
xx.01.1972.Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
xx.01.1972.Pennsylvania, PA, USA
xx.01.1972.Queens, New York, NY, USA
xx.01.1972.Delaware, USA
30/01/1972.PNP Campaign, National Arena, Kingston, Jamaica
23/05/1972.PNP Campaign "Labour Day", Jamaica House, Jamaica
27/05/1972.Awards Ball, Jamaica
In Spring Bob opened the show of Johnny Nash in England (With Bunny & Peter) to make the promotion of his single Reggae On Broadway
03/06/1972.California Ballroom, Whipsnade Road, Dunstable, England
25/06/1972.Shades, Northampton, England
26/06/1972.Night Club, London, England
22/07/1972.Alperton High School, Wembley, England
27/08/1972.Telegraph, Brixton, England
One month later they went to America to play at the Apolo Theater for the Show A Night in Carribbean, but some of the dates are unknown
07/10/1972.PNP Campaign, Jamaica