Mark Of The Beast


In a night of 1972, as arrived a injustice which Peter has never forgot he has been victim of police brutality. Peter Tosh came from the country at Ten O'Clock with a provision of fresh herb "Sensimila". Peter said that this night he was in a prophetical inspiration. He was creating a song that would take place in the next fifteen minutes. He was creating song that would forever chant down Babylon.

He was writing and strumming out the rhythm to his new song when Peter heard shot fire and said "I see the Mark of the Beast on their ugly faces. I see dem congregating in evil places. Me now dem a wicked", he didn't start the second verse and heard a shot fire again. Peter was with Evonne inside when she went outside to see what happen, it was the police. Second later Peter saw people running around the house and through the apartment.

The policemen brusted the door when they saw Peter with his spliff, one of them said "What Dat? Ganja Dat You Have Deh?" and Tosh answered "Ganja is a bird inna Australia" Peter eased the spliff out of the cop's hand and said, "No yuh caan do dat. A mi house!". They dragged him from his home, and threw his body to the ground.. They slam in his ribs, Then the policemen held his arms in a cross while they smote the butt of a rifle into his ribs and back; crucifying him. Peter Tosh had a vertebra dislocated seven stitches across his forehead. Tosh was taken away in handcuffs like a common criminal. Lying on the floor of Kingston Public Hospital on North Street, peter crying out for help, there was no one dared help him. Someone run to call Bob Marley, when he arrived at the hospital, Bob wept at how Tosh had been brutalized. Peter had to beg the nurse to attend to him.

In October 1975, for the Dream Concert with Bob Marley and Bunny, he started Mark Of The Beast with a speech Peter forced the Harman Barracks members to leave the stadium . This one has been released only in 45 single, Tosh recorded it for Equal Rights session with Bunny in background vocal but it wasn't in the album.

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