After his trip in New-York, Peter Tosh and his wife Marlene had returned to Barbican when Leppo visted them. In 1973, Dennis Lobban Leppo has been arrested for murder of policemen. He knew the Wailers since the time of trenchtown (Dennis : We were like brothers"), Peter Tosh help him financially and gave to him somethings, he released from the prison in October 1986, Tosh bought for him a bed. In the morning of 11th September 1987, Peter recieved the visit of Dennis Lobban who complained due to some favors wich Peter promised and never recieved, Marlene angry chased him out of the house.

In the night, Peter invited some friends at home, Michael Robinson, Santa Davis wich was member of the group Soul Syndicat and played drums for Tosh, Wilton Brown. Three gunmen arrived at Peter's house in St Andrew on motocycles at 8:30 PM they knock the door Michael Robinson gone dow to open the door he let them enter because he thought that they were Peter's friend when they took their guns and one of them pointed it on Michael's neck, they told to him to go up until the living room. When they entered in the living room, everybody was watching the television when Lobban shouted "Everybody Belly It!, Get Flat Dis is holdup!". Leppo asked to Tosh where was the money when suddenly Marlene replyed immediately to Leppo " Shut your mouth".

Others friends arrived they were Jeff "Free I" Dixon the Dj of the JBC radio with his wife Joy, the knocked 2 times without answer, Marlene screamed to "run and to not come" but Joy didn't understand. The gunman opened the door and make go up to the living room when they saw everybody on the floor and Leepo with the other man walked around the room, he fired a random shot at Marlene who was next to Joy the bullet across Marlene's scalp, ripping flesh as it sped, and then sliced into Joy's mouth, her teeth was dislocated. The women went down with in shock.

When one of the Gunmen was looking around the kitchen he discovered a machete, he came to Peter and said in jamaican patwa "if you don't give the money i will cut your head". Marlene jumped in front of the man and said to him that he will not touch her man, one of them said to Peter that he will died tonight and they come to kill him. He approached to Peter and teared off his gold chain and wanted to beat him with the low of his gun but Peter dodged it with the using of martial arts and counter-attacked. Leppo badly agitated, stabbed his pistol into Tosh's forehead and fired twice, Peter's body fell limp. Wilton Brown recieved a bullet in his head and died directely, Free I recieved two bullets behind his ear, Michael Robinson felt a bullet brust into his back, Santa Davis has been shot on his shoulder. 7 bullets cross the living room in all directions, after that the gunmen left the house.

They has been transported at the University Hospital, Doc Brown died immediatly, Peter Tosh died few hours after his admition at the hospital, Jeff Free I Dixon diead 3 days later, Michael Robinson has been in serious condition but stable, Santa Davis was admited for his shoulder and was resting quietly. Marlene Brown and Joy Dixon were treated and released. Leppo surrundered for his own protection and was convicted it the shortest jury deliberation in jamaican history (11 minutes), he maintains his innocence until to this day, the others killers were never identified, a rumor said that they were killed in the streets. He now spends his time writing and performing dub poetry, reading books and listening to the news.

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