Bob Marley:
30/05/1976.Interview with Jeff Cathrow, Oakland, USA
15/04/1979.Interview with Dylan Taite, White Heron Motel, Auckland, New Zeland
20/07/1978.Interview, Berkeley, USA
Schaeffer Music Festival (video)
Manhatan Center, New York, USA(video)
Santa Barbara 76, Ca, USA (with sound)

19/09/1980.Madison Square Garden, New York, USA (SBD)

Peter Tosh:
If you have nice footages of Peter Tosh and the World Sound & Power
French videos
Others footage of the OLPC 78
Footage of No Nuke 79
If you have informations about GoldCoast 83
Interview with Earl Chin

Bunny Wailer:
If you have nice footages of Bunny Wailer, demos, rehearsal

Wonder Dream Concert 75 (If you have this or informations)
Old articles of the Wailers
Unseen pictures
If you taped concerts or other of the Wailers
Unreleased materials